New research grant

I have received a Research Project 2 grant from Independent Research Foundation Denmark (5.9 mill. DKK) to study school choice for Danish high schools. The project is jointly with Mikkel H. Gandil at Rockwool Research Foundation as well as our international collaborators, Chris Neilson and Hessel Oosterbeek.

We ask three interlinked questions:

i) Are there fundamental differences in how students’ admission to various high schools in Denmark affect their academic outcomes?

ii) How do student applicants perceive schools’ social composition and ability to raise admitted students’ outcomes and how do their preferences responds to the perceptions?

iii) How will socioeconomic admission quotas and information to applicants affect students’ academic progress after admission and social segregation between schools?

To answer these questions, we will leverage recent methodological advances on estimating students’ preferences and how admission affect students in combination with the unique access to enrollment data in the context of centralized high-school admission in Denmark.

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen
Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen
Associate Professor of Economics & Social Data Science

My research interests include applied machine learning and policy evaluation, in particular in the context of education.