Starter Grant on educational technology

I’m excited to introduce my new research project, “Coded Clues: Unraveling Learning at High Resolution,” supported by a recent grant. This project aims to investigate how intelligent learning systems can enhance educational outcomes by analyzing digital learning data and administrative records from Danish primary schools. We are focusing on understanding these systems’ effectiveness across various student demographics and establishing new benchmarks for assessing educational progress.

The insights from “Coded Clues” will help illuminate the benefits and limitations of using digital technology in education, preparing us for a future where technology increasingly intersects with learning processes. By integrating advanced data science techniques, similar to those in large language models like ChatGPT, this project promises to revolutionize our understanding of educational technologies and their role in fostering equitable and effective learning environments.

Read more about the project here.

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen
Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen
Associate Professor of Economics & Social Data Science

My research interests include applied machine learning and policy evaluation, in particular in the context of education.